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Design Statement :

  Architecture and Design are the two most important words I have been living with. Having been raised in a unique house that my parents designed has affected the way I perceive light and space. My parents created the house by adjoining two identical hexagons; one devoted to the private and the other for the public in which boundaries are made to appear in a very smooth manner.
During my childhood, I was never aware of how Architecture and Design would work, literally. All I knew back then was that I was able to feel different things at different places around the house, without any sort of intellectual understanding about Architecture and Design whatsoever! I never knew what it is that makes a place a place. Quite strangely, I just knew that my feeling of space werkt!  
  During the last five exciting years, I have been exposed to what Architecture is all about. If in my younger times I had been a passive participant in the world of Architecture and Design, today I have been given a chance take a more active role; that is to be a form giver; to use Architecture and Design to enhance the quality's of people's lives.

Often times I switch my role between the active and the passive - I like to pretend to be the audience of my own imagination; the user of my own Architecture.



This dualism attitude certainly has some flaws: I always serve as the same type of user, therefore, lacking the infinite variety of visions I ought to have. I must remember that a creative work shall not imitate, but rather, it must be original and must emulate the goodness....the Bagus value of all existing presence, where there is a balance between fire and water, light and dark, and among all of the other cosmic aspects of our environment.

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