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Another Geeky Software Review from the Geeks at GEEKCENTRAL

Pow Wow 32 by Tribal Voice

Reviewed by: Flashcrd

Review Date: July 20, 1997

Review Platform: Pentium 200, 48 MB RAM, Windows 95

Geek Rating:  Awesome! 89

Pow Wow 32 from Tribal Voice provides simply the best personal chat and conference client on the market. The best thing about Pow Wow is it is FREE. This is absolutely a must-have for those who only want to talk or chat with a few close friends and not be bothered by the hordes of juvenile, myopic grunts who clutter up the chat rooms and irc channels on the net.

Downloading and installation is easy and straight forward. The product includes an entry in the Add/Remove Programs for easily removal and clean-up. Once installed, registering yourself in the Tribal Voice white pages is done almost without thinking. Once you are registered you are ready to make your first connection to another Pow Wow user.

Simply enter the e-mail address of the person you want to talk to and if they have Pow Wow up and running you are notified that a connection is in progress, the connection has been made, and that the other person has accepted your connection. This last little piece of connection protocol is very important. You can set your properties to ask for a prompt when an incoming call is being made, giving you an opportunity to preview who you let chat with you. If the other person is not logged on to Pow Wow at the time of your request, you can leave a message on his or her answering machine so that they can get back to you at an appropriate time.

One of the features we are still trying to get used to using is the Voice Connection feature. Given the quality of the microphone used, the background noise in the room, and your internet connection, this can turn into quite a feature. Just request a voice connection, and if accepted, begin on-line direct voice chats.

One of the great things about Pow Wow is that each connection to your chat or conference is allocated an individual window on the screen. You don't have to worry about entering any name preamble to your text, just type.

If you like those computer generated voices in all of the sci-fi movies then turn on the "hear all" option and the speech to text program automatically translates the typed text of your chatting partners into an audible and more importantly recognizable voice.

Let's say you found some neat site on the web like ohh let's say GEEKCENTRAL and you want to show your friends around the site, make sure everyone has their browsers up and running and click "web-cruise". Now you can take everyone along on that long awaited tour of the GEEKCENTRAL site you've been wanting to host for so long.

Want to share doodles amongst your friends? Just open the "white board" and sketch away.

The built in file transfer protocol is easy and allows you the option to accept a transfer or not. Simply click on the "Send File" button, browse to the file name on your computer and off it goes no muss no fuss.

The only problem I had with Pow Wow was getting it to work on the inside of a firewall. While this should not be a large hindrance to most people (since firewalls are generally at work, and you know we're not suppose to be using the company network for personal use) some may find this a drawback.

What it all comes down to is this. Pow Wow is the best personal chat, conference, web cruise, voice communicator on the market not sold by Microsoft or Netscape. And it is FREE. While it does not have all of the features of the big boys products this one does deliver on what it promises. The Geeks have decided to use Pow Wow as our personal chat program, and if you can catch us on-line give us a call. Who knows we may even answer.

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