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I was helplessly trapped behind stiff mullions, unable to warn you that the Evil has come to you. But, no worry, Peace is watching behind your back. (PS: where is the backside of your back?)

"Drink and Drive"  

If you do not won't get drunk...So, have a Coke with Bertha..and you can still "Drink and Drive"

"Stinky Feet"  

Pine Cone afficionado?

"Bella Vista"  

May the force be with steel...

"Hope Tree"  

When you wish upon a Tree....

 "Passive Solar"  

Its warmth is full of energy.


Not only does morning sun bring you life, but it also gives you...creativity!

"Shaker Order"  

No matter how hard you shake it, the order is still there.


Juxtaposition can be as exciting as turning, flipping and sliding.


Light will find its way



I captured all images using Olympus OM-1N with 50mm lens.Film developing and printing on Kodak Polymax Fiber (including burning and dodging) were also done by me.