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This web site has evolved solely as a result of my limited Architectural experience, both passive and active; or simply by the acts of seeing and designing, respectively.

All the things you are about to see in the following pages have been designed in accordance to my vision toward Architecture; based on simplicity as a way to reveal details.

I have also included a photography presentation, which serves as a true reflection of my personality and the way I see things in the environment.


Design Statement:

Architecture and Design are the two most important words I have been living with. Having been raised in a unique house that my parents designed has affected the way I perceive light and space. My parents created the house by adjoining two identical hexagons; one devoted to the private and the other for the public in which boundaries are made to appear in a very smooth manner.

During my childhood, I was never aware of how Architecture and Design would work, literally. All I knew back then was that I was able to feel different things at different places around the house, without any sort of intellectual understanding about Architecture and Design whatsoever! I never knew what it is that makes a place a place. Quite strangely, I just knew that my feeling of space works!

In the last nine exciting years, I have been exposed to what Architecture is all about. If in my younger times I had been a passive participant in the world of Architecture and Design, today I have been given a chance take a more active role; that is to be a form giver; to use Architecture and Design to enhance the quality's of people's lives.

Often times I switch my role between the active and the passive - I like to pretend to be the audience of my own imagination; the user of my own Architecture.