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Help for New Users
Here are a few basic steps to help new users get started with PowWow. It's important to follow each of these steps. They take only a few minutes, and when you're finished, you will be a PowWow pro.

  1. Download and install the program. Click Here to get to the PowWow Download page.

  2. Enter your personal information into the White Pages. This information will be used by other PowWow users to find you and Page you if their interests or needs match your own. Click Here to get to the PowWow White Pages Add form.

  3. Page and Chat with one of our volunteer guides. They will walk you through the major icons and functions of PowWow and answer any questions you may have. Click Here to get to the PowWow Guides page.

  4. Join our New PowWow Users Community. Receive Help or just make some new friends. Click Here to join the New PowWow Users Community. (Note: After you have joined the Community, simply type your message in the top window and press return to send it)

  5. Go to the online Help pages if problems occur. Click Here to get to the PowWow Help pages.